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In today’s society, many individuals tend to focus so much attention on women’s issues pertaining to relationships, violence, health, family, and personal growth. At one time, the gender gap was so extreme that focusing on women’s issues became incredibly important to grow as an equal society, provide empowerment, and to provide greater attention to issues that needed to be addressed to make effective change. With so many women’s issues that have come to light, many women have found empowerment through a multitude of valuable resources, through the support of women’s group, and by creating effective solutions to the issues.

But what about men’s issues?


Men’s Aid is Here to Help

Men’s Aid is a resource to help men raise awareness to particular issues and to provide information and support to address these issues.

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Men’s Issues

With so much focus on women’s issues in the media, men’s issues, for the most part, have been unaddressed. Many individuals do not even recognize that there are men’s issues to address to begin with. But the fact is that there are just as many men’s issues that need to be addressed, in addition to women’s issues, if we ever expect to live in a society of equality and break all stereotypes.

Issues that men face that need to be addressed include:

  • Domestic Abuse
  • Family Laws
  • Sex Discrimination
  • Human Rights

When it comes to these issues, all men run the risk of falling victim to these issues, no matter what their race, social status, creed, or marital status. To begin to even address and understand the issues, the Myths About Men’s Issues should be understood. Part of the problem behind why men’s issues have not been thoroughly addressed is that there are too many misconceptions behind the issues.

Domestic Abuse Against Men

Although we do not hear about domestic abuse against men as often in society as we hear about domestic abuse against women, it does not change the fact that it happens and it needs to be addressed if we wish to see effect change. Men suffer from domestic abuse attacks on a number of levels, each damaging on a physical or emotional level.


Domestic Abuse is defined by threatening behaviour, violent behaviour, or abusive behaviour between two adults who are partners or family. Domestic abuse includes psychological, physical, sexual, financial, or emotion threats and abuse against a spouse, a partner, or a family member.

  • Physical Abuse: Physical abuse occurs when the victim has been physically struck by another individual to the point of marks being left (i.e. black eyes, bruises, or scratches).
  • Sexual Abuse: Sexual abuse occurs when unwanted sexual acts or attention have been inflicted upon the victim, including rape, sexual assault, enforced prostitution, or forced sexual encounters.
  • Emotional Abuse: Emotional abuse occurs when there is a deliberate attack on the victim’s personality.
  • Financial Abuse: Financial abuse occurs when the victim is deprived of rightful finances or when the they have no control over money or financial situations.
  • Psychological Abuse: Psychological abuse occurs when the victim is prevented from contacting or having associations with friends or family members, when they are constantly humiliated by their spouse, partner, or family member, when they encounter controlling behaviours from their spouse, partner, or family member, or similar such situations.

Understand that any and all forms of domestic abuses are crimes and need to be addressed. Most men are unaware of where to turn in these situations. If you or someone you know is encountering domestic abuse, please seek Advice on how to protect yourself and know your rights when you go to the Police. If you don’t want to go to the police, know who to Contact in Regards to Domestic Abuse.

The Realities of Divorce

Divorce is considered one of the most stressful and painful processes an individual can go through. It can be a very tough thing to decide on, as there are many factors than may get in the way of making a solid decision of whether or not to leave your spouse. Many individuals have built their life with their spouse and feel as though they’ve lost a piece of who they were. Other individuals may have a difficult time making a decision because there are children involved. Some individuals may feel as though they still love their spouse but seemingly can’t make it work.


No matter what the situation may be, divorce is never an easy decision make and an even more difficult process to go through.

Unfortunately, sometimes divorce has to be the answer.

The process of divorce can be difficult enough to begin with, but if you know your rights and the proper process, going through a divorce doesn’t have to be messy or complicated:

  • Know the Divorce Process from start to finish so that there are minimal difficulties. Maybe even try to communicate with your spouse the process to make it as easy for the both of you as possible.
  • If there are children involved, know your custody rights and what is considered Child Abduction by a parent. Additionally, understand the Procedures that can be taken if this were to happen.
  • Know and understand all Family Laws.

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False Allegations

A major problem both sexes face is false allegations, or wrongfully accusing another person for doing something they did not do. When false allegations lead to criminalization against an individual, their life can be destroyed, which is why it is important to know your rights and understand how to properly handle the situation.


There are a multitude of reasons why someone would provide false allegations against another individual, with the main three reasons including creating an alibi for his or herself, seeking revenge against an individual, or an individual is attempting to bring attention or sympathy to his or herself by falsely accusing someone of doing something they have not.

The unfortunate thing about false allegations is that in many instances, it’s difficult to determine what is the truth and what is an untruth, the true motives behind the false allegations, and how to proceed forward. To prevent further issues that arise from false allegations or to prevent legal issues allowing false allegations to make the situation worse, know What a False Allegation Is so that you can protect yourself.


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